About Us

Terracor Business Solutions is a professional technology solutions developer, provider, and consulting firm. We specialize in web/application development, business consultation, website design and managed IT services
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Our Services

Our services are based on a set of core fundamental values, with the singular goal of helping our clients grow their business. Our success comes from ensuring that our clients achieve their maximum potential.
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Our Teams

Our development and deployment teams are comprised of software development professionals certified and skilled in software development methods and technologies, ensuring our software solutions are designed with the latest in industry standards and workmanship. We also employ certified accounting and business professionals, so we understand business processes and principles. This understanding enables us to work with you in gaining a sound understanding of your requirements. While our business consultants work to ensure that your needs are properly scoped and understood, they also work directly with our software development and deployment teams to ensure your needs and goals are effectively conveyed and realized.
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Our Experience

Our vast knowledge and experience includes working with numerous ERP software solutions, integrating to third-party solutions, and web design & development. Over the years, we have developed numerous commercial and custom applications, with the focus of overcoming business challenges and optimizing and streamlining business processes. For example, zeckoShop is a powerful & flexible ecommerce platform capable of serving any business type or size while zeckoPay offers an excellent means to streamline your AP payment process, simply by providing an inexpensive and efficient way of paying your employees and suppliers electronically.