Software Development

At Terracor, we don’t just develop products we also provide custom development services to satisfy all of your business needs.

If one of our existing products doesn’t quite fit, we’ll modify it for your needs. If your needs are very complex or more esoteric business requirements we can perform a full discovery and scope out the perfect solution. Web or mobile, server or desktop, we can build applications for all platforms. Our experienced and enthusiastic development team, with decades of experience combined, are ready to work with you to provide a modern, powerful & efficient solution to improve on your business processes and efficiencies.

Custom Integrations

Process automation can be easy with the right developers. It’s impossible to find a single piece of software that does everything, but adding new software to your business shouldn’t cost you time and labour.
Our custom integrations automate tedious data entry and re-entry and allow you to get the most out of your software.
We will perform a full discovery of your current setup, ask relevant questions to gain an understanding of your existing and upcoming needs and then recommend the right solution for your budget and technical requirements.

  • Integrate your CRM and accounting software
  • Integrate warehouse management software with your ERP, accounting software or POS
  • Automatically update your website or other online applications with data from your desktop software

Existing Solutions

At Terracor, we have already developed many solutions to solve existing and future business needs. Some of those solutions are:


Our flagship e-commerce product that provides all the normal features of an e-commerce platform but with enhanced behaviour and functionality. Flexible and configurable, zeckoShop is the ultimate B2B & B2C shopping platform


A cloud based, SaaS, suite of applications to assist with inventory, account management, catalog generation, shipping, reporting and more


EFT payment solution which allows quick generation of compliant bank formats with support for ACH payments


Our rentals solution that allows for advanced rental scenario setups such as partial rental contracts, blackout dates and inventory separation/management

CRM integration with your ERP/Accounting & website

Provide your salespeople or CSR’s with the ability to create & manage the entire quoting process, including an approval process and integration with the zeckoShop my account and quoting features

Salesperson portal

Automatically push orders, invoices and customers to your CRM of choice along with zeckoShop activity logged as events for tracking and reporting

Custom software solutions

Another core aspect of our development team is to provide custom solutions for the more specialized or complex business requirements.

With our solutions you are provided with lots of benefits and features including:
  • Mobile (apps, responsive & adaptive websites etc)
  • Web (e-commerce, self serve portals, content management etc)
  • 3rd party integrations with your existing solutions such as accounting software, ERPs, backend logistics and production systems etc
  • Business automation
  • Database solutions
  • Online portals
If what we’ve highlighted doesn’t seem to match your needs exactly, don’t worry, just give us a call and we are sure we’ll be able to provide you with the perfect solution.